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The South African Reserve Bank issued banknotes on the South African Rand in six distinct denominations, including this banknote of the South African Rand (100th birthday of Madiba). They are part of the present series of banknotes of the South African Rand. The South African Reserve Bank started issuing 100 banknotes from the South African Rand in 2018. They are still in use at present.

Due to the large number of convincing counterfeits in use at the time these R100 bills were withdrawn from circulation in 2010. The leopards on the front and a bridge and large antenna on the reverse have a similar feature as the rand banknote of 100 issued in 2005 .. The absence of the South African arms coat on the top left corner of the leopard’s head will easily discern this 1999 ranking of 100 South African Rands.

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