KBR-1500 Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine, Sorter and Value Reader with Advanced Counterfeit Detection (UV/MG/MT/IR/2CIS), Multi-Currency (USD/CAD/MXN), Printing Enabled



  • [Accurate, Efficient & Smooth] With a speed of 1,200 bills per minute, the KBR-1500 automatically reads mixed stack of bills, sorts based on denomination, and provides total value counted – unlike simple bill counters which cannot determine denomination and value. Ensures smooth counting for different quality notes, no matter brand new or worn.
  • [Fits any business needs] Multiple modes and functions for all your business’ money counting needs: Mix, Sort, VSort, Face, and Orient, Auto/Manual, Add, Batch, Add and Batch. All these features are simplifying this advanced cash counting system and save user’s time.
  • [Reliable counterfeit detection] KBR-1500 is a 100% accuracy bank grade machine that protects business from counterfeits. It includes 2CIS, ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic, sensors as well as, half, chain and double bills detection systems that ensure all bills are authentic.
  • [Easy-to-use interface] Interface designed for optimal navigation with a large TFT display providing a detailed on-screen report that can be printed and saved for record (printer is not included). KBR-1500 money counter machine mixed denomination comes with an additional external display for convenience.
Manufacturer Kolibri
Brand Kolibri
Item Weight 19 pounds (8.55 kg)
Product Dimensions 10.8 x 9.3 x 11.2 inches (27.4 x 23.6 x 28.4 cm)
Item model number KBR-1500
Manufacturer Part Number KBR-1500